This Just In.

Something is afoot in this house.

Also, trash photos as promised! I found I had them on my harddrive after all, which only goes to show that the reason I have no space left is because I keep doubling up on things.

An entirely intentional photograph of trash. She even threatened to show my mother.

Yes, Grace, I need to do laundry. Karen always needs to do laundry.

Karen's behind is the butt of many jokes. Apparently, I am fine though. It's not like an elephant's because it is not grey. And I don't have a tail.

This is actually stuff belonging to my brother, I have several things belonging to him in my room where I keep them for storage. This, as you can tell, was a properly set-up shot. Because, naturally, that was on the floor to start with.

I have to say though, she took all of those. She's proving to be quite a dab-hand at photography. Between the pair of them, with Grace's artistry and Cordelia's blatant desire to rule the world, we might be onto a winner.


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