Entrophy Sets In

No, I'm not dead. I feel ancient but I'm still hanging in there. Had a whole week of work, gradually starting to feel human again. I'll do a proper entry for ANZAC Day tonight but, for now, here's some photos. Enjoy.

There's actually a story to this whale, the story being that he has completely vanished. I'm pretty sure this photo gives a reasonably accurate depiction of his size so you can imagine our astonishment at his disappearance. This is not a toy for which hide-and-seek is an easy accomplishment and yet he has somehow managed it. Sneaking something that size out of the house is not an especially easy thing either so the only explanation is that we have a black hole somewhere in this house. I wish it would centre itself around my trash.

This one is for Bryan who seems to not know what a cow is or has some other nefarious reason for wanting me to take photos of them. This was taken at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2009. The petting nursery is one of the best exhibitions, I think, especially if you have a pressing urge to have your behind sniffed by various animals.

I have decided I want one of these. Scale model, remote-controlled R2D2. If the kids at school think I'm awesome for playing Pokemon, imagine if I took that in for Show and Tell! (As an aside, I may be considerably less cool once they realise I was lying about there being a secret level on Pokemon HeartGold for people over the age of 12. Children should be less gullible, I'm doing them a favour, really.)

After a week like last week, one of these would be handy, I have to tell you. Anyone else for a mulligan?


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