Organisation Schmorganisation

One of these days, I might actually get my act together.

So I'm off Newstart Allowance. Not because I have a fulltime job, that would be laughable. That would mean that I actually finished modifying my resume, did some job hunting, figured out what the hell I can actually put in for and was then not only successful in securing an interview but actually managed to receive a job offer. Employment baffles me a the moment since I have absolutely no idea what I want to be doing and I get the feeling that even if I did know, my only options for securing a chance would be some strange loop-the-loop practise because the job market and I seem to be at constant loggerheads with each other. I admit my confusion, demoralisation and disenchantment whole-heartedly. It's some kind of genius when you can't apply for graduate positions because of when you graduated instead of your actual experience since graduating and struggle to find jobs you can apply for as a result because everyone wants the cheaper graduate option and struggle again to find jobs outside of the teaching profession because, apparently, once you have your Education degree, you can't possibly want to do anything other than teach in schools with it. What a ridiculous notion that one might actually entertain applying their skills elsewhere or that people might actually just decide they want a change.

Don't even get me started.

No, I'm off Newstart because I forgot to lodge a form. They didn't owe me anything but I forgot anyway and then I didn't have the NEXT form so that was late too. I actually sent forms in this week but they crossed over with the cancellation notice that arrived today and, naturally, because of Easter, there were a few days lost in terms of being able to do anything anyway. I don't know how I feel about it. I suppose I should contact them but, at the same time, I've hated being on benefits because of the amount of hoop-jumping they put me through so maybe this is a good thing. Bad for my hip-pocket and that's worrying me a little but perhaps destitution is an added incentive to remotivate myself. I'm inclined, I think, to wait and see if they contact me once they actually get my forms but we'll see how I feel Monday. Can't do anything over the weekend anyway.

Quiet day today, onset of uterine rebellion. Two more days left of sleeping in before the possibility of work returns. Booked tickets tonight for my mother, brother and I to go see our football teams play each other at the end of June, that should be amusing. None of us have been to a football match before, not at this level, and I am certainly no particular fan but the experience will be fun, as will being able to gloat when our team beats my brother's. (After robbing us at the Grand Final last year, it's the least they can do.) I may have to clean my room before then since Grace has a standing threat to tell my mother on me but we'll see. I told her tonight, as I put her to bed, that when Mum and Michael are here I would sleep in her room on the top bunk and we could have a girly sleepover. She thinks it's called a sleepover because I'd be sleeping over the top of her and if she gets too uppity about my cleanliness, I'll put the fear of Karen in her by reminding her that the Saggy Baggy Elephant bum might just fall through the top bunk and squash her. We read that story tonight. She didn't correct me when I started pointing out the similarities between me and the principle elephant though she did reassure me when I asked her directly that I didn't look like an elephant. I asked her for her interpretation of my appearance. Her reply was "a saggy baggy chicken".

Serves me right, really.


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